Saturday, December 29, 2012

Too Much Christmas and Not enough exercise.

On a blog by Rob Nieuwegein he said after two days of sitting and eating his body was crying for some exercise. I agree! Christmas here in Canada involves Family, friends and lots of food and drink. I take holidays this time of year to prepare for Christmas and time to recover from Christmas. This year is different because I have the Quest. I have been riding it with just the snow tire on the back and the Durangos have been doing a good job on the front so far. Since I had a set of Schwalbe Marathon Winter tires that I had ordered before the Quest arrived, I put them on just to see how well they performed.  I find the Winter tires on the front really increase the effort  but in soft snow it lets the bike float over the snow better than the Durango's. The stopping is better too on ice. Now I get back into shape riding the Quest.

Winter tires added to front.


One project I also completed this week was a trail groomer to groom trails for our dog club. One member has some treed property with trails that we will groom for a race later this winter. Our club is made up of people that Skijour with their dogs and others that use a kicksled like me with their dogs. I only have 3 dogs but they go fast enough for me. The Huskies really enjoy it!  Sunday we will take the groomer out and test it.     

      I got a video camera for Christmas with two mounts for it. The helmet mount got Velcro-ed to the Quest and the handlebar mount got mounted on the dog sled. I hope in the future blogs to include a video as well as pictures. Maybe I can go on my own Donut tour next week since I missed Oliebollentocht 2012...

Quest camera mount.
Dog sled camera mount
Taking the Quest XS out for a night ride.


  1. Hi! We just saw your fantastic bike out on the road this evening, heading South out of south Osborne. We pulled a U-turn to get a closer look and get some pictures. Love the ride! Just wanted to let you know that our very zealous thumbs up and waves and shouts were heartfelt and in no way meant sarcastically. What a great machine!

  2. Hi Zmz Gbzn
    Your comment surprised me. Most of my Blog readers are from the Netherlands where Velomobiles are more common. I think you are the first comment from my home town. See you on the road!