Tuesday, December 4, 2012

It's Finally HERE!!!

It’s finally HERE!
Monday morning started off in a weird way. I left home at 6:00 am on my recumbent bike and the temperature was up to + 2 degrees C. Roads were clear of ice and snow. No wind. It was a great ride. While at work I got the call from the transport company. They had a crate at there warehouse for me. Great news I thought. It must be my Quest!!!
          As the day went on the rain started. It rained, and rained! And then the wind came up and got strong from the North. It cooled down real fast and before I knew it we had freezing rain and lots of ice. When I left work I was in a hurry to get home and pick up my truck. The north wind gave me good speed to go home. That was not a good thing on ice. How I made it home without falling down I don’t know. I am not the best rider on ice but that day I was more lucky than good. I had a lot of close calls but I made it.
           I drove my truck to the warehouse where they showed me the crate. I looked at it and thought they must have sent my two Quests by mistake. The crate was 4 meters long, by 1.5 M wide. The crate weighed 100 kg. I opened there in the warehouse and checked. There was just my Quest XS Carbon strapped down in the middle of this large crate. Before I could get the Quest out of the crate and into the truck, I had a large crowd of employees around it asking questions.
           I got it home and unloaded it into my warm shop. By then the rain had stopped but everything was covered in ice, so my test ride will have to put off until another day. I weighed it and it came to 29.2 kg. on my scale. That includes the roof and wheel covers. I snapped a few pictures. 

I will have to fine tune the seat position and BB position as my heals are hitting the back of the cut outs. More after I get my first ride in...


  1. Very sleek and shiny....congrats !

    1. Thank-you. It's easy to keep clean when every thing is cold and covered with ice.