Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Rain, Rain and more RAIN!

Not much to write about. We have had lots of rain, which we needed some. I have been commuting to work in the Quest and stayed dry of course. I bought my wife a recumbent trike this week. It's a folding model with all 20 inch wheels. Of course we had to go shoe shopping to get her some cycling shoes. After just two shops and trying on LOTS of shoes we found her a pair. Women are more fussy when it comes to shoes. I won't say any more in case she reads my blog. After the Brevets are over we should get out cycling together more.
            We did our first 300 km Brevet on Saturday. It was our south route. A small group of just 5 left at 6:00 am in the rain. We had a head wind of course. The group was all experienced riders except one lady who was doing her first 300 km. I stayed with the group until after Lunch at the 150 km control. After that I went at my own pace. I got back to the last control at 7:08 PM. The Garmin tells me I did 10 hours and 38 seconds of riding. The rest of the time was used up at controls or eating. I didn't get any pictures as I forgot to charge the camera battery. Next week we do the second 300km Brevet on the North route. It was fun doing the ride in the Quest. I was dry, the ride was easy, and I had my music to listen to. I have to eat and drink more next week as I ride. I was down 3.5 pounds when I got home.
             That is about it for this week.
Greetings from Canada....

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Coffee, I discovered my Quest really runs on COFFEE!

Coffee, I discovered my Quest really runs on COFFEE! 
Last week I did my first 200 km Brevet with my Quest XS. It was great! The day after I did a club ride (more coffee and buns) of about 70 km and felt great. And my speed is getting faster as the week goes on.

             I did my second 200 km brevet on Saturday May 11 and the weather conditions were far from good. Cloudy, and very windy. A cold north wind at 50 kph gusting to 65 kph. I didn't have my riding partner from last week as his knee was still hurting from that ride. I stayed with the front group until the Lunch break (Coffee and toast) and then picked up my pace and left them behind. The wind was very tricky and I had to keep my speed down. My time was very close to my first Brevet with my average speed up a little bit. When I got to the coffee shop at the end I had some coffee (and more coffee)  and waited for the group to catch up. After waiting for over an hour(even more coffee)  there was still nobody there. Finally a girlfriend of one of the riders showed up to wait for him so I gave her my card to hand in and went home. Our route was mostly flat and open but we had one small ridge to go over. I shot some video so you get to see something that is not flat. Link to my Video
          The camera I used is new and the laptop is also new.  So I am slower to post as I am just learning the new programs on the laptop as well. The newer laptop edits faster but the program works a little different. I still have to figure out how to embed the video from Youtube.
Until next week, Greetings from the center of Canada....

Sunday, May 5, 2013

My Best 200km Brevet.

Where does it go?
My Best 200km Brevet.
Today was our first Brevet of 2013. We start a lot later than most places do because of our climate. This year we had fewer riders because nobody has had much riding time yet. There was also a road race happening today too. Today was my longest ride to date in the Quest. I had every thing I needed in the Quest. Tire pump, tools, spare tires and tubes, rain gear in it's own bag, food, lots of fluids, cameras and even a cell phone. The Quest was checked out and the tires pumped. I was ready.
           The start for this southern 200 was only a block away from home so no real warm up before the start. At the start it was -1C but it sunny and the high temperature was 14C for the day.  We started as a group and stayed together for the first 50 km where half of the group stopped for breakfast and then headed back. They decided they were not ready for the full 200km. From there on I rode with another recumbent guy who was riding a Challenger low racer.

My riding partner, riding his Dutch Bike.
 Dean who was riding with me most of the way is a veteran Randonneur. He rides fast and steady. This time we were so fast we got to the lunch stop and it wasn't open yet. We had to wait until the next control to get some hot food.
Too early for lunch!

The last 60 km I rode ahead at my regular pace and was the first to finish with 6 hours, 38minutes and 22 seconds of riding. For me it was over two hours better than my best time to date. When I got home I didn't even need a nap.  I really wish I had bought this Velomobile years ago. I had perfect weather conditions with almost no wind. I am really looking forward to next weeks Brevet. Our 200 km North Loop.
           The top picture was shot at our 3rd control and it was one of those pictures I just had to take. You will notice there is no snow in any of my pictures for a change. Yes spring is here.  I also shot some video but I will have to edit it after the weekend. I may post as a separate blog if it turned out. It is a new camera and I had it mounted inside "Da Hood" The battery died before I got home so I have to remember to just turn it on and off as needed.

So until next week, Greetings from Canada...