Saturday, January 5, 2013

This week has gone to the dogs!

The Groomer I built hooked up and ready to test.
This week has gone to the dogs! Yes I was still on holidays this week but it seemed it was a holiday for the dogs not me. Not much time riding this week. More time on the dog sled. I took the dogs out on Monday to make them tired so they would not bother me on New Years eve for a walk. We ran them up the La Salle river and back on a -25C temperature and it worked. They were tired and left me alone News Years Eve. The downside to this was I had a hard time to stay up late and celebrate the New Year!
The groomer in action.
           I got to test out the groomer I built for the dog club. We hooked it up to an old snowmobile and away it went. It cuts the high spots on the trail, fills in the low spots and packs it down flat. Perfect! I built it out of scrap metal and some  recycled wood. I based the design off of a picture of one we found on the internet. I already have some ideals on how to improve it but those modifications will take place next summer. The wood snow stop works great but if I replace it with metal it will last longer. After the snow sets up overnight it is harder enough to ride my Quest!
        I also got out one day on the river trail in downtown Winnipeg with a couple of our dog club members. We shot some video and the other Kevin edited his and my video into one. We are team Husky in the video titles. It was interesting to see how my dog sled mount shakes a lot on the bumpy ice and the helmet mount on the other Kevin was very  smooth  over the same ice. 
I also shot some video on the velomobile that I will edit for next weeks Blog. Until then... Happy New Year.

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  1. Hi Kevin,

    Nice video! It's obvious that the dogs enjoy it as much as you do yourself. I'm looking forward to your velo movie!
    Regards, Adrian.