Sunday, January 26, 2014

The Quest is Down

The Quest is Down
It’s January and it is winter in Winnipeg. There are frozen cars. Massive ruts in the snow covered roads. Roads that are more slippery than a politician. Broken down buses. Downed traffic lights. Wind chills of -47. And when it does warm up we get 10 cm of snow and 70 km winds.
             I had to stop riding the Quest. The shock sticks and has to go back to Riss. Even with the studded tires it has been hard to drive. I can dress to stay warm at -32 but the roads are too rutted to ride safely on. I am sending the shock in and I might ride the trike if the roads improve.
Waiting to start the ride.
I have been training on the trike for the race in February. Pete McAdam of Peterbuilt Bikes machined up another set of rear drop-offs for it. It now works great. As well as I have laced up the 3 speed Strumley-Archer hub to the rear wheel. With the 9 speed cassette and the 3 front chain rings I have 81 ratios to use. The rear hub has a .75, a 1.0 and a 1.25 ratios. I mostly leave it in the 1.0 ratio, but the .75 comes in handy on some hills. I think this hub would be great on my Quest for the hills, if one could figure a way to mount it.
            Despite the large tires on the trike I have run into places where I get stuck in the snow. I have found I can get moving by using my hands on the front wheels like a wheel chair. I call it 3 wheel drive.   
         I went on a pre-ride on part of the race course. It warmed up to -18C but there was a good wind. It was fun but I had a rear valve leak and had to stop and pump it up several times.
A rough rocky section and a tip over.
I had a tip over in one spot where there were uneven rocks. Nothing hurt just my pride. My friend Gregory C. McNeill took these pictures. More of his pictures can be seen here This was a good test and I have learned a few things and will make some changes before I ride again. The skis I made I didn't have to use. The tires float very well if I have to pull it.

I don't think they are worth hauling the extra weight around. More commuting and testing before the big race on February 15th. 
Until next time keep warm and have FUN.....