Thursday, October 24, 2013

Winter is Coming

Winter is coming!
We had some snow this morning on my commute into work. It melted as soon as it hit the road, but at -3C it looked white in the lights. Snow warning of 25 cm for an area north of our city for tomorrow. If stays to the north by the lakes all is good. If it changes direction, I will have to get the snow tires and the dog sled out of the shop attic.
. I have to say its too early for the snow to stay. The ground is not cold enough yet.
         With "Da Hood"  I can still commute to work is a pair of shorts and a cycling Jersey at -3C. The Durano tires are doing great so far with no flats yet. I have over 4000 km so far on this second set and they wearing better than the first set. I already have 4 new front tires and 2 new rear tires for next year in my shop. Now I wonder if they will last until Winter gets here...

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Freedom Trike

Maurice and his Freedom Trike

Freedom Trike.
This blog is about someone else today. This blog is about a recumbent Trike instead of a Velomobile.  Most of us reading this blog take our personal freedom for granted. When we want to do something, we just go out and do it. When we want to go somewhere we just get up and go. This is not the case for people in wheel chairs. They must have someone else take them places or travel by bus. This limits them as to what time they go or where they go.
        I met Maurice this summer on my way home, one nice sunny afternoon. He had his trike loaded with bags, lights and a bright flag. He explained he lives in the same area as I did and was on his way back from the Fort Whyte center. Up until this spring when he got his trike, he was wheel chair bound. Now he is building up his legs and going further and to places he could not go before. And going when he wants to go. But taking off his front fenders he can take his Trike right into his apartment. He stores it in his living room. He has been on two of the rides with the recumbent group that I have been on. Both times he traveled the furthest to get there. Maurice  has shot a couple of videos showing how he goes from wheelchair to his trike, and on to the great outdoors.
The second video is his trip to the store to buy food. He rides right into the store with his trike where the store gives him an electric scooter to shop with. This is all stuff we do without thinking. I have to admire him for his new independence. He is a great example to all of us.