Friday, December 21, 2012

It’s a Real White Christmas

It’s a Real White Christmas
Lets start this weeks blog by wishing everyone a Merry Christmas!  Here in the center of Canada it is really white now. The weather has been mild this week with -15C lows and   -7C highs. We have had snow every day. The dry flaky type of snow that slowly floats to the ground. On the streets the salt melts it but on the bike paths it adds up. Monday night when I was coming home late at night I had to get out and push the Quest across a snow covered bridge that was too deep and had not been cleared. The mild temperatures made it nice to cycle in just a light summer jacket. I’m learning how to dress for the Velomobile now. This is the chart I made up, but I haven’t tested it yet.
0 to -10 C  a light summer jacket
-11 to -20 C add a cotton T-shirt
-21 to -30 add Fleece shirt
-31 to -40 add long underwear.
-41 and below – add the 1 piece red woolen long underwear or stay home and drink hot drinks.
 Of course I carry extra clothes in case of tire problems.
On the bike path in the early morning. First tracks of the day!
.  I start work at 7:00 am so I leave to work early before 6:00 am. There is very little car traffic and no traffic on the bike paths. I usually make the first tracks. Very quiet out except for the noise I make. I added a buzzer to my turn signal flasher so I can hear it now. There is nothing worse than me driving down the street now with the turn signal on  Now they can see and hear me too!
White buzzer showed here Velcro-ed  in place

At home the Quest rests inside a nice warm shop and at work the same thing. Our shop door at home has a remote that I mounted in the Quest and at work we have a magnetic loop in the concrete that detects metal when you drive over it. I was surprised that the Quest opens it. A regular bike won't open it. Another reason to love your Quest :) 


  1. Hi Kevin!

    I added you to my bloglist, and welcome you as a follower of my blog! Low temps in Canada at this time of the year. I feel lucky we have not that low temps here in Norway. Today we got up to +2C, and rain. So the white christmas shall not last for long, I am afraid. Nice to hear some comments from you, I will follow your blog regular now, and I am seeing forward to some pictures of your neighborhood.
    Greetings, merry christmas and happy newyear!

  2. 1hi kevin

    very nice white Christmas!!!

    we have only rain in the Netherlands ...
    My brother lives in gerard in canada in winnipeg, nice trip to go to driving!

    greetings marcel

    1. Hi Marcel, You write that your brother lives in Winnipeg too. That sure seems to make the world a lot smaller. I will have to meet him some day to show him my Quest.
      Happy New Year Marcel.