Monday, June 2, 2014

 And Now 300 KM of Wind, Heat and Rain
Now it was time for our first 300 km. Brevet. The day started early and we left the start at 6:00 am promptly. We were a small group of only 5 this week. This week Sam took the pictures as I forgot the camera at home.The story of the day was a warm head wind (strong) and lots of heat.
Getting ready to start.
Riding into the wind on our flat prairie roads.
Great picture by Sam of me. My new profile photo!

Arriving in Vita, our half way point.

This was close to where we turned back north and had  a tail wind finally. The tail wind only lasted 40 km and turned back into a head wind as we rode into some thunder storms.
The storm we riding into.

We decided to wait out the worst of the storm and stopped for some supper and tire repair.
Tire repair while sitting out the storm.

After the worst part of the storm passed we continued on and the only event was having to wait for a mile long train in the rain.
Waiting for a long train in the rain.
 I will have to a box to stand on next time I get my photo taken with these tall guys.A later finish, but we all made it. And as usual I had FUN riding my Quest.

We finished.

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  1. Hi Kevin, Well done! Why did you wait for the rain to pass, I guess for your fellows. :-)