Saturday, June 21, 2014

In the News and on TV- The Quest

In the News and on TV- The Quest

I have been busy as usual and no time to blog. I have a few minutes before I leave on a 400 km Brevet. Commuter Challenge was a couple of weeks ago and I got interviewed by a TV station. They shot 1/2 hour of video and used the worst 10 seconds of it. Here is the link:Commuter Challenge 

Yesterday was Bike to Work Day and I volunteered at a pit stop instead of working. Another TV station was doing the weather report from there and did the report from inside the Quest.  Here is the link for the web page picture with the Quest.Global News    I had lots of questions about the Quest.

And now I'm off for 400 km of Fun.


  1. Hi Kevin, very Nice to look at, good to see you!

  2. Hi Kevin,

    I enjoyed seeing and hearing you! Succes on your 400!

    Greetings from Norway! Adri.

  3. As a Blogger we are usually behind the camera taking pictures instead of being in the photo or video. Riding a Velomobile sure attracts attention.
    Greeting from Canada