Monday, May 26, 2014

200 KM of FUN!

200 KM of FUN!
Here in our part of Canada our Brevet season starts later in the year than other parts of the world. Our local club the Manitoba Randonneurs, usually has the first Brevet on the first Saturday in May. It was a cold but sunny day with lots of wind. Our second one was a perfect day for a Brevet. Sunny, a little wind and not too hot or cold. Our second Brevet brought out only 9 of us, but only 2 of us had ridden the previous Brevet.
The Start at the coffee Shop

 No Recumbents this time so I rode at the back at the start and let the group find their own pace. Of course I stand out very well being the only Quest Velomobile. The group has given the Quest a name. They call it the Human Powered Banana or H.P.B.

Our first Control.

I'm at the back again.

Back at the finish.
I rode with the group until our brunch stop. We ate and then broke into two groups. I rode with the faster group for a while but found the pace too slow. I picked up my pace and I soon found me at the next control ahead of everyone else. I continued on and arrived at the final control which was the coffee shop where we started. I had some coffee and apple pie and answered questions about the Quest for an hour before the first group showed up. I had my best time to date. Garmin map and numbers
And as always I had lots of FUN...


  1. Hi Kevin,

    Congrats with your first place! Of course it's not an equal competion between racer bikes and a Quest, but you had the best time anyway!
    Nice rapport!

    Greetings, Adri.

    1. Hi Adri. Each Brevet is a personal challenge. It's all about finishing. But sometimes it's about helping someone else finish too. I have to say the Quest makes thing easier.
      Greeting again!

  2. wow, impressive. Studying your GARMIN map I see its a rather straight course, without many bends. Looks a bit boring. You have a nice pace and a good speed all over the ride.

    1. Yes Casper, our shorter routes are very flat and boring straight. It's not until we do the 600 that we get some rolling hills and curves tossed into it, It's the people I ride with that help make the ride more FUN.