Sunday, June 22, 2014

I do 400 km Brevets for FUN...

I do 400 km Brevets for FUN...
A 4:00 AM start and a weather forecast for a strong South wind made for a small group this time. One of our strong female riders had crashed and broken her collar bone so she had to miss also. Any Wind is not good as we are fairly flat like the Netherlands.  WE started with just 4 of us.
4 AM start.

The group consisted of 2 recumbents, 1 Quest Velomobile (ME) and my photographer Sam on a road bike. As we rode south we ran into a bit of road construction and I had to slow right down on the loose surface. Then I missed the turn off and rode right past it. Of course Sam had a photo of the event.
Picture of me about to miss a turn!

We stopped at our first control for Breakfast. It was a planned stop and we extended it a little bit because of some rain. One of group had a new recumbent and kept on going while we ate. He wasn't  too used to it and was a little slower.
How the sky looked at Breakfast time.
After breakfast we continued on trying to catch David who kept on going. We never did catch him as he made a wrong turn and went the wrong way. When the sun came out he figured out his error and turned around. He then ran out of water and got heat stroke. He finally stopped at a farm and got water, found a tree to lye down under and went for a 3 hour nap. He made his way home after that and still did 300 km.
Entering the US border station.
We crossed the border and headed for Roseau Minnesota  USA. for lunch.
After the border in the USA.
Our route.
The weather turning stormy.

We had wind and heat to contend with but closer to home storms started to brew. The last stretch was a dash to ride between two storms. I made it without getting wet
They had a severe thunderstorm watch out but we had no choice but to dash home. It was a different type of ride, a challenge but it was FUN...


  1. Congratulations! It indeed just looks as The Netherlands.

  2. Congratulations Kevin! Way to go, well done, 400 km is a long trip!

  3. I forgot to mention I got back at about 11:20 PM. It's not a fast time but it was a FUN time. Our next Brevet is the 600 km on July 12. That one has some small hills to climb and is not as flat as we normally do.