Saturday, March 2, 2013

Still Alive and having FUN!

Sunday was a day for the dogs. Our dog club called “Snowmotion”  held a poker derby. It was fun event where you went around a course with your dogs and dog sled and picked up a card from a bag at different places. The cards were folded in half and taped shut. You picked 5 cards along the 5 km course and afterwards we met for a pot luck lunch and unsealed the cards. There was a prize for everyone with the person with the best poker hand getting first pick. Of course everyone brought too much food to share. I was guilty of enjoying several pieces of apple pie and other sweets. Here is a video one of the couples shot at our poker derby. They used two cameras so you get her view and his view of her crazy dogs. :)
           The rest of the week brought milder temperatures and good riding conditions for the most part. The main roads were down to clear surfaces but the high snow banks were still very dangerous for me. Many times I had to use the brakes hard to avoid a car that didn’t see me and pulled out from behind a snow bank. As I write this some of the smaller streets are getting ruts in the snow that covers them. The ruts are tough to ride in with the Quest. I’m hoping for a quick spring thaw but there is still more snow in the weather forecast.
The picture tells about the snow fall we have had this year but some of my readers may not translate a pictures like this. So what it said is:
February 2013 snowfall: 8.6 cm
Normal Feb. snowfall: 14.2 cm.

Snowfall since Oct. 1st: 123.8 cm
Normal to end of Feb: 83.5
Normal annual snowfall at Wpg. Airport: 110cm
So we have more snow than a normal year but a long way from setting any records. My front street is 20 cm thick of packed ice and snow. I had to use a hammer and chisel to find the concrete to measure. The city has only plowed our street a couple of times this winter. It will take a while to melt and it will be messy. 
            I won a Tee-shirt in the Winter Bike to Work photo contest. If you click on this link you can see some of the photos of the winners      photos of the winners.  It is the same photo as I have been using above, but they wanted a winter picture and that one was handy.

Until next week, Farewell from the center of Canada....


  1. Hoi Kevin,

    Ik ben weer blij dat het voorjaar voor de deur staat wat hogere temperaturen en minder harde wind.
    29 maart ga we de Ronde van Texel fietsen een 150 Km uit en thuis , jammer dat je zover weg woont en niet mee kunt.


    1. Hi Matthijs
      Yes, I live far away from the Netherlands which is really the center of cycling in the world. But I look forward to reading about de Ronde van Texel on your blog.


  2. Hi Kevin,

    Hilarious! It sure will take some time to melt the snow at your place, it's pretty much!

    Greetings, Adri.

    1. Hi Adri,
      More snow coming, It's going to be a late spring!

  3. I hope it wasn't a game of strip poker... ;-)

    1. Nobody takes their clothes off in this weather. lol.