Saturday, March 23, 2013

Spring is Here?

Lots of jokes about Spring arriving.
The week started off with a snow storm. We had 20 cm dumped on us starting Sunday and lasting until Monday. It was the wind that came Monday that really made the snow drifts bad. Our city did not plow much, just the main routes. They spread some salt and sand and are waiting for the snow to melt. I can't get down my front street yet as the snow is still too deep for my Quest.. Spring arrived this week but it still looks like winter. Last year this time it was + 20C and we riding is shorts. Everyone remembers that this year and we are poking fun at spring this year.
This sign at a church said "Whoever is Praying for snow, Please Stop"

The positive side of all our snow!
The photo shows someone lawn mower sticking out of the snow. It says the positive message: At least I didn't have to mow the lawn today. I am hoping by Monday to be back riding the Quest.

Snowman Suicide
Even the snowman have had too much of winter by now!
This is why I like watching videos from Paul, no snow in his latest. Pauls latest video from the Netherlands.

I guess we are starting to have spring fever. I know the calender says it's here. The weather does not. I think I will get the shovel out and cook supper outside tonight anyway. The bottom picture sums up how we feel with all the snow. It's time to have FUN even if I can't ride.


  1. :-))) briljant jokes.
    Here in Holland they cancelled all kids-football due to the cold...-1oC with a 5Bft East, felt like coming straight from Siberia. But nothing compared to Canada, thanks for letting me know that it can always be worse.

    1. Yes Magic Bullet, it can be worse. My son phones me from a place in northern Canada called Tulita. If you have a chance to look it up on Google maps you will see how much further north it is compared to Winnipeg. And colder!

  2. Hi Kevin,

    I had a good laugh about your snow jokes, and my wife too! Really funny ones.
    I don't think much people envy Canadians at this time of the year.
    Its not warm in Norway now, but the weather is fine, with much sunshine. Tempratures at night -5 degrees, +3 at noon.
    I hope you get spring and nicer temps soon!

    Greetings, Adri.

    1. Hi Adri,
      It's warming up this week. It was -3C today on my way home. I rode with a short sleeve shirt under my Tour cap. Maybe plus temperatures soon? Now we hope it doesn't warm up too quick or we get flood.

      Greetings, Kevin