Saturday, March 30, 2013


It was just a normal week in Winnipeg for me. It started with more snow on the Sunday when we took the dogs out to dog sled. The weather forecast was for clear and sunny but we got snow instead. But he rest of the week was sunny with some +3 high temperatures. I took the Quest every day except one where I had to pick up a new mattress. The snow is melting on the roads and bike paths finally.
Snow starting to melt finally!
I stopped a couple of times Friday on my way home to snap some photos. It was one the nicest days so far this spring.
        It didn't start that way. I left for work at 5:30 am. It was still dark out. I was thinking about Matthijs in the Netherlands and his Rondje Texel ride. Their weather there is much nicer for riding than our current weather. It was -7C and foggy in Winnipeg. I could not see very far down the road. I went anyway as traffic would be light on the Good Friday holiday. I had to work on the holiday as I am a mechanic for the transit system. Light traffic was great, but I could not go too fast because of the fog. By the time I got to work my visor on "Da Hood" was covered in ice. The last kilometer I had to drive with the visor  half open just to see.
Some of the people who had questions about the Quest.
         After work I stopped a couple of time to take some photos to post on my blog. As it worked out I think I had my picture taken many times by people stopped to talk to me. I think Casper might feel better about the wind when he see the snow we have here still.

Snow on the bike trail starting to melt.
Almost clear of snow on this path.

We might get one more dog sled ride on Easter but hopefully the snow will melt soon.

The wife on last Sundays ride.

And finally the bad news. No Easter Bunny this year. He didn't make it. Don't show the kids this picture.

No Easter Bunny now!
Until next week:
Greetings from the center of Canada.


  1. Nice pictures , luckely we are out of snow here .
    I never saw a easter bunny on my work so he wont show up this year.
    The dog had only his head , the rest was eaten by een another animal ?
    a fox maybe ?

    1. The dog picture is from last year. The lady that owns the dog lives lives in a town called Kenora. Her house is just off a lake that is called Rabbit Lake. Most likely the dog found it already dead and brought it home to show her. lol.

  2. Hoi kevin,
    Wat leuk dat je mijn blog linkt bij ons zat de temperatuur om het vriespunt.
    Ook hadden we het geluk er veel minder wind was dan afgelopen dagen,
    Ik blijf het heel bijzonder vinden dat in in Canada word gevolgd , als je deze kant op komt ben je welkom.

    Groet Matthijs

    1. Hi Matthijs,
      I follow many blogs, but all the good Velomobile blogs come from the Netherlands. You have much better riding weather than we have, but I try to make the most of our winter.

  3. I'm always looking forward to your bad jokes! It was snowing here the entire day, but luckily at plus 3oC, so the road remained clear. Weird spring so far. Nice pictures.

    1. Magic Bullet,
      I bet you did not notice the silk Hawaiian shirt my wife was wearing on the dog sled. The Hawaiian Islands are a tropical all year round and they like very colorful shirts. We all wore them last weekend in honor of spring. But spring played a trick on us and snowed.
      Normal spring here but a little more snow.

  4. Hi Kevin,

    Nice pictures indeed! It's good to hear that finally the snow is melting in your neighbourhood. It has been a long winter, and both in the Netherlands as well as Norway it still is to cold for this time of the year. I guess we have to do without an Easter Bunny this year...........

    Greetings, Adri.