Saturday, February 23, 2013

Not much FUN in my Quest for fun!

Not much FUN in my Quest for Fun!
Sunday was our yearly dog club race. A large turnout this year with the milder temperatures. My dogs like the colder temperatures to run so we were not as fast as we normally. But we were fast enough for second place. It was me who really slowed down the the team at one spot. I had a shoe lace come undone and I lost a shoe. I had to stop the dogs and go back and retrieve my shoe and retie it. We had a dinner afterwards in a town called Oakbank where we gave out awards. I got a special award for my shoe that I  lost.  The dogs had to stay in the vehicles while us humans ate. The award came with a bag of dog treats and some sample food for the dogs. Some out of town people left early because of the heavy snow that was starting.
Bigger snowbanks to deal with.
          Monday we woke up to more snow ( 10 cm) and lots of wind. Not very good conditions for travel. We will have bigger snowbanks to deal with this extra snow and winds. A friend of mine took this great couple of pictures that shows how bad it can get is the more open areas. Luckily Monday was a holiday for us so it was a good day to do some clean up duties around the shop.
Getting ready for some clean-up.
Our award for our race.

 I had another video link sent to me. It's about Lindsay Gauld who I talked about in a previous Blog. It shows me in my Quest. Listen to the sounds when they first met me in the video.  It was shot by another winter cyclist who rode the whole distance that morning with him to the celebration.
The rest of the week I spent driving to work as I finally got a cold that everyone else around me had. No riding the Quest this week.  The female Husky was nice to me and let me use her couch this week. Rest, work, and more rest this week. No Fun in the Quest!!!


  1. Hi Kevin,

    Congratulations with another 2d place! It might have been a first place if you didn't lost your shoe! Amazing amounts of snow at your place, I'm happy we have less of it here.

    Greetings, Adri.

  2. Congratulations with the 2nd place. Reactions on velomobiles seem quite similar in Canada and the Netherlands. It always makes me smile!

    1. I would think Velomobiles would be more common in the Netherlands and not such a surprise as I have encountered here in Canada. But still the ride is fun no matter where you live.

    2. Hi Kevin,
      Although there are much more velomobiles in The Netherlands indeed, they're still not very common. 'In the wild', I spotted fewer than the fingers on my hands, I think. Definitely when not counting multiple observations of the same one. So, reactions are still like lauching, yelling, pointing etc. Only very incidentally a bit aggressive.