Saturday, April 6, 2013

Fuel Economy = 1000 mile to a Gallon.

Fuel Economy? I get a 1000 miles to a gallon of water! That what I tell people when they ask what sort of Fuel economy I get. Then I go on to tell them I am the motor in my Quest. It is new to most people and I am really discovering that some people are not shy about asking for info. Twice this week people have followed me into my driveway to ask questions. Most people think it is an electric vehicle they are following because of the speed. I have other people hanging out their cars to take pictures of the Quest. I have not driven the Quest in Daylight without having it's picture taken. Riding a Velomobile is definitely not for shy people.
Weather forecast
          Five days of nice winter riding. Cold mornings at -12 and nice afternoon commutes around -3C.  O sure I had one afternoon with a 70 kph headwind but it only took me 2 extra minutes that day to get home. The Quest handled it better than I thought it would. Friday afternoon I put the Quest into the shop just as it started to snow. The old joke about six months of winter and six months of bad dog sledding looks true. I most likely have more km on the dog sled than the Quest this winter. This picture above is the weather forecast for the snow we are getting.
Even though the calender said spring is here the birds are slow to return. The ones that are back are not very impressed. Most people here are tired of winter. It's not that we have had a lot more snow. It has not been colder this year. It's just the last two winters have been mild and short. I enjoy winter and I enjoy summer.
Goodbye Winter!
Some people have other ways to express their thoughts of winter:

And this week I had a minor problem with the Quest. Some glue let go on the wiring for the front lights. It wrapped around my left toe and I had to stop right away before any damage.  I put the Quest on it's side and taped the wire back in place. This was very early in the morning and I was carrying a flash light fortunately. It was a minor problem, not like Yellowmobile who had a more major problem that forced him to be rescued by his wife and stuff his Strada into his hatch of his car. I thought it would be a bearing failure but he said they were good. If anyone reads this, please read his blog let me know what you think may have caused this. Of course as soon as I read this I went out and checked mine as our Velomobiles are produced in the same month. No problems with mine.
           And finally look at this picture of my friends cabin on Lake Manitoba. He hasn't been there since last fall and most likely be staying there for a while.
No spring here yet!


  1. Hi KEvin! I just found your Blog! Its great to have another Canuck blogging about Velos! You have some great Ideas, I look forward to reading more! I must say you are far more adventurous than me, I just statred riding my Mango last month. The Snow here in the Leduc/Edmonton area ha been nuts this year! Plus I have had an issue with my drive train that i have 90% figured out. I am soaking up as much Velo reading as i can today to get me over the latest dump of snow we are having.

    1. Hi Larry,
      I have been following your blog for while. I try to blog once a week and am on BROL of course. Blue Coyote's brother is married to my sister, so he had the first velo in the family. :) I have learned a lot in the short time I have been reading blogs. The comments are always great.

  2. Hi Kevin,

    About the problem with idler: the best option is to replace it for a new one, and order a "deelbare kettingtandwielashouder" at, this makes it a lot easier to take out the idler and replace the O-rings now and then. They can provide a new idler as wel, this is called "kettingtandwiel"

    I hope Your friend rides his Strada soon!

    I liked the jokes!

    Greetings, Adri.

    1. Hi Adri,
      I ordered my Quest with a Terracycle idler and it works great. Yellowmobile has now replaced his with one too. It is a much better model and should standard instead of an extra cost. He must have stronger legs than me as he has broken spokes and now a idler. :) Very soon (May) it will be the start of our Brevets so I will have to get in shape too.
      Greeting from Canada

  3. Hey Kevin,

    Somebody's got some major winter anger issues! Sorry you're still suffering with snow, but at least you have your dogs to pull you out of the winter gloom. I got my new idler in and it works great. I think I can actually hear and feel the difference. Hang in there buddy, spring will come!

  4. I'm an ex-musher and have an unfaired recumbent trike. Being a present musher with a velomobile seems slightly cooler, to be honest. Ah well, glad you're sharing.

    1. Hi Northmark,
      I am an accidental musher. We got the dogs when my son got a girlfriend with a cat. Now that I have the Quest, I wish I had bought a lot sooner.