Sunday, January 13, 2013

Blizzard = Bad Weather for Riding My Quest Velomobiel!

Snowed in Bike path.
The week started out good and went down hill from there. I had got a new video camera for a Christmas gift and had planned to shoot some video this week on the way home from work.
          Monday was busy at work and I had to work late. It was too dark to shoot video.
         Tuesday morning brought fresh snow and lots of wind. The weather forecast was 2 to 4 cm. more snow and a strong wind. I took my old truck instead of the Quest.
          Wednesday was clear skies and windy. I didn't get far though the snow drifts and had to turn back.
           Thursday was really mild and windy, but no snow clearing yet! I stopped on the way home with my truck and took a picture of the bike path.
There was only one bike track and he was pushing it.
Friday's forcast.
       And Friday's commute I canceled as the forecast  was for our first Blizzard of the year. In the city the conditions were still passable and it wasn't until the evening that the wind really picked up and the roads started to drift over. Friday was a good night to stay in and catch up on my blog reading.
This Saturday morning the wind calmed down and we woke up to 20 cm of fresh snow that was drifted all over my driveway and street. As far as Blizzards go this one was short and not that much snow. Out came my snow blower and snow shovels. One drift was too high for my big snow blower so I had brake it down with a shovel first. After a bit of work I could get my truck out if I had to. (no work, it's Saturday)  But if the roads ever get snowed over I have alternate transportation. There will be some cold clear weather after this blizzard next week. By Tuesday they should have the bike paths cleared I hope and I can get out with the Quest. I did take the Quest out of the shop just to take a picture or two in the driveway.

My alternate transportation.
Picture of drift in driveway after Blizzard.


  1. You have to be patient in the area you live!
    That was not much cycling lately, hoping for you that the bike paths are clear soon!

    Regards, Adri.

  2. Adrt: Today (Monday) I got to ride, as they got the bike path I use cleared, but not my front street. It was -23C but I was dressed for it. It was fun anyhow. Tomorrow it is forecast-ed for -25 in the morning and a high of -7C. That type of change means a strong wind and I'm not sure how the Quest will handle that.