Friday, November 16, 2012

Winter and snow is here!

Last weekend we had 27 cm. of snow dumped on us. Saturday night I hooked up the Huskies to the dog sled and took them for a run though our snow covered streets. The snow plows and sanding trucks were not out yet and it was still snowing. We were the only thing moving around our suburb. They had a great time. Sunday was spent cleaning the driveway and part of street with the snow-blower.  I mounted my studded snow tires on my SWB recumbent but I could not ride it until they got the streets cleaned out better. It's a much slower ride on these wider low pressure tires. And you have to be more careful on the icy roads.
       Here is a picture of the bike on the stand in my shop/garage while I'm changing over to the winter tires and rims.  You will notice the open space where the Quest will be parked when it arrives. I received another email today from Bluevelo to tell me I have to wait longer for delivery. They are waiting on some part for my Quest XS  from Europe to arrive. I'm sure the wait will be worth it. While I wait the wife has a list of stuff for me to do :(  and the Huskies need their daily 5 km walk. No rest while I wait.

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