Thursday, November 1, 2012

The long wait is almost over!

This first blog is being written as I am still waiting for my Quest XS Velomobile to arrive. I live in Winnipeg (sometimes known as WINTERPEG) , which is a city in the middle of Canada. When my Quest gets here in November the roads may be covered in snow and ice by then, but so far the weather is holding out. I'm still riding one of my recumbent s to work. Most people who read this know that riding a bike can be fun and that's why I ordered a Quest-(more FUN).
        Many years ago I used to be a car person. Then fuel shot up in price a lot. I got mad and said I'm not paying that price. I felt like I was being robbed. So I started to ride to work. It was not far, just 25 km round trip. I was slow and out of shape riding a mountain bike. The first couple of weeks I hurt when I got home. As time went on it got easier and I lost some weight, (30 pounds the first year) and I felt great. A friend got me to go on a 160 km charity ride over two days and I made it on the mountain bike. The next year I got a road bike and it got easier and faster. A few years went by and I was doing longer rides for fun. I read some where that recumbent bikes were faster but nobody sold them in my city then. Hey maybe I could keep up better if I got one I thought. I just had to convince the wife I should get one.
       Before I could mention the subject some thing happened. We were at a charity event having some drinks afterwards and my friend said his brother the doctor kept teasing him. His brother said if he rode his bike too much he could get Erectile Dysfunction. My wife looked really worried and said "oh I wouldn't like to see that happen to you. You should get one of those funny bikes (recumbent bikes)!"  The next day I was on the internet buying one. Since then I ride it everywhere and I'm faster too.

      I followed the ROAM blogs and Youtube videos last year and made up my mind I wanted a Velomobile. I read BROL and follow a few blogs. There are quite a few velomobiles been made out there but only the Quest and the Milan are being made in Canada right now. I decided on the Quest XS as my first choice for my commute based on its suspension and our rough roads we have here. Now it's just a few more weeks until it shows up. The wait is the hardest part...


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