Friday, November 9, 2012

Big Snow fall is coming first!!!

Big Snow Fall is Coming First!!!
I’m still waiting for my Quest Velomobile to be shipped. Most other Velomobile owners know what that is like. Blue Velo said my Velomobile should be ready to ship November 19, But the weather forecast is for 20 to 30 cm of snow overnight and into tomorrow. That amount of snow should stick around, so when my Quest gets here I’ll have to mount winter tires. This is where my wife thinks I’m crazy, for I already have a pile of tires for my Quest waiting for it. We don’t have a large amount of recumbent owners here in Winnipeg so none of the bike shops stock recumbent sized tires and tubes. I ordered the Quest with Durano tires, but with the snow and ice, I’m switching to Marathon tires on the front and a studded tire on the rear. Of course I also ordered  3 spare Durano tires and tubes to have on hand for the Brevets next spring. So now I have 6 tires, and 12 tubes and no Velomobile yet.
            I also cleaned out my garage/shop to make room for the Quest. It was something that was long overdue. I moved out most of the summer stuff and brought in the snow blower and dog sled from the shed. Yes the Quest will be pampered in a heated shop parked beside the snow blower and a dog sled. At work it won’t be so lucky, as it’s too big to hide in the shop I work out of. It will have to be locked and chained to the bike rack outside under the watch of video cameras. I went out and bought an extra large snowmobile cover for it as the bike shops were all out of Quest covers here. ( I don’t know if anybody really does make them.) I’ll post some pictures when my Quest get here.  At least the Huskies will be happy when it snows tomorrow.


  1. bedoel je zo iets?

    groeten, andre

    1. Most blogs I follow are in dutch and with Google translation there is sometimes problems with the translations. I will try to post some pictures as that sometimes helps with the meaning.

    2. I checked out Andre's link to see that his Quest has a cover which I hope to make as well. For now I am ready with the one I bought. Thanks for the link Andre.

    3. Kevin, Het is niet mijn Quest
      ik rij met een Alleweder

    4. I check out Andre second link to his blog as well as the link to the Sunrider page. It looks like a good cover in the picture, but I need my quest to arrive before I order a cover like Andre.

    5. Hi Kevin, I bought my Strada just half a few months ago and am incredibly happy with my bulletbike. I am enjoying every moment in it, even when it rains. I bought a recumbent a year earlier, am still enthousiastic about my Challenge Seiran, but I must say, I hardly ride this bike anymore. I had the same thing with my wife. I asked her if she was ok with me buying a velomobile. She said yes, and I ordered one ten minuts later (I did not dare to tell until a few days later). Regarding the snow: If neccesary, you can put your huskies in front of your quest, and make it a sledge, an real all weather quest.

    6. Hi Wilco, I'm glad to hear you enjoy your Strada. Thanks for you suggestion about the Huskies. They would be quite glad to pull it but I don't know what they would do when I get to work. The wait for it to get here is the hardest.

    7. Hi Kevin,

      I Found your blog through a comment you posted on another dutch velomobile blog :)

      Yours is an interesting area and climate to drive a Velomobile in. Me personally don't like to drive around my Strada in the snow, as it takes a lot of extra effort and braking gets 'interesting' in snow and ice conditions. Never tried studded tires though, so that might help to increase traction.

      Before you drive your new Quest XS in the snow, think about weather-proofing the metal parts of the front wheel suspension/ steering with some spray-on petrolatum or the like. It will prolong your bikes life.

      Greetings from the Low Lands,