Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Coffee, I discovered my Quest really runs on COFFEE!

Coffee, I discovered my Quest really runs on COFFEE! 
Last week I did my first 200 km Brevet with my Quest XS. It was great! The day after I did a club ride (more coffee and buns) of about 70 km and felt great. And my speed is getting faster as the week goes on.

             I did my second 200 km brevet on Saturday May 11 and the weather conditions were far from good. Cloudy, and very windy. A cold north wind at 50 kph gusting to 65 kph. I didn't have my riding partner from last week as his knee was still hurting from that ride. I stayed with the front group until the Lunch break (Coffee and toast) and then picked up my pace and left them behind. The wind was very tricky and I had to keep my speed down. My time was very close to my first Brevet with my average speed up a little bit. When I got to the coffee shop at the end I had some coffee (and more coffee)  and waited for the group to catch up. After waiting for over an hour(even more coffee)  there was still nobody there. Finally a girlfriend of one of the riders showed up to wait for him so I gave her my card to hand in and went home. Our route was mostly flat and open but we had one small ridge to go over. I shot some video so you get to see something that is not flat. Link to my Video
          The camera I used is new and the laptop is also new.  So I am slower to post as I am just learning the new programs on the laptop as well. The newer laptop edits faster but the program works a little different. I still have to figure out how to embed the video from Youtube.
Until next week, Greetings from the center of Canada....


  1. Hi Kevin,

    Nice to see how much faster You are in the Quest on flat roads. And yes, hillclimbing sucks! I completly agree on that comment!

    Greetings, Adri.

  2. Hi Adri,

    I have seen your photos and my hills would pass for speed bumps in your country. I am sure you are much better at it than me. You get much more practice than me and your hills are much longer.

    Greeting from Canada

    1. Hi Kevin,

      Thanks for the compliments, but the fact that I practice more climbing doesn't make it more fun, I consider climbing is heavy with a velomobile. It's lighter with a normal racer, and like in your video, I climb much faster with my Scott carbon. The descent however....that's a complete different story, lots of fun going down at high speeds!
      Your long straight roads are ideal for a Quest, completly different from my situation, up and down almost all the time, and lots of curves. On my commute I have two straight lines, both about one kilometer long, and almost flat. The other 35 kilometers are curved, and more or less hilly.
      But...I still like to live here!

      Greetings from Norway, Adri.