Saturday, April 13, 2013

I'm a Nutcase!!!

I'm a NUTCASE! (crazy person) I'm sure my friends think that when they see my Quest. I went this week to my favorite bike shop and shopped for a helmet. My old one would not let me turn my head very much in the tour cap. We brought my Quest into the shop and I tried on dozens of helmets. I found six that I thought would fit. I sat in the Quest and was handed each helmet and tried them under the tour cap. The one that fit the best came in yellow too! So I bought a Nutcase helmet.
New Helmet
Now all winter I have not been wearing a helmet since "DA HOOD" arrived. But on May 4th we have our first Brevet and helmets are mandatory. This helmet is heavier but it allows full movement in the Tour Cap. It comes with several thickness of foam insets to make it fit you.
Foam insets for new helmet.
The Nutcase Helmet is for mountain bikers or Kids doing tricks on BMX bikes. It will survive multiple drops or hits that a standard helmet would not. I may open up the vent holes for better cooling if it ever warms up.
The helmet name says it all.
I did a club ride Friday night and tested the helmet. It was our first ride of the year and not a lot of people out. But it was fun ride. I hung back for a while and let the others take turns setting the pace. I waited for a while until one of the stronger young guys got up front. I pulled beside him to talk. I slowly picked up the pace until he had to drop to the back. The younger guys tried to keep the faster pace but they could only take  short pulls and could not even talk after a while. A lot of them got dropped very quickly. When we got into a rolling section of our route I put it into the big chain ring and left them far behind.  When I got back to the start I had to wait quite a while for their return. One young fellow could not believe he got dropped by a Yellow Quest on studded snow tires. I told him he better get in shape before I change over the tires. This was the most fun I have had on a club ride.

Scouts building in my shop.
Checking out the new walls.
Over the last couple of weeks one of brothers has brought over the scouts to work one night in my home shop. Their project was to build a couple of out houses for their camp. It was built in sections so they can take it apart and put it together on the site. They all learned a lot in those two nights. Next week they will take the walls, roof and floor over to their scout hall and learn to paint. They just have to buy a new toilet seat for it. Of course I had uncover the Quest which really impressed them.
          And believe it or not I'm still dog sledding as the snow is slow to melt. So I hope everyone reading this is having as much fun as I am...


  1. Hey Kevin,

    Love the new radical helmet! And congrats on a very fast first club ride. A glorious bike season begins!

  2. Hi Kevin,

    I like Your new helmet! I wonder if it would fit under my velomobielonderdelen hood, maybe Da Hood is wider? I can check on the net if there is a dealer of this brand in Europe.

    Greetings, Adri.

    1. Hi Adri,
      I checked the helmet label and it's made in china. It could be sold under a different name as marketing in Europe is different than American marketing. Stuart who commented above has the same hood as you on his Strada. (Yellowmobile Blog)

  3. This helmet fits you wel in every aspect!

  4. KEvin, I really like the new helmet! It Does have a certain resemblance! How big is it. I have a fairly larger noggin, the last nutcase helmet I tried (Large) just looked like some weird growth on my head! LOL
    Thanks for the comment on my latest blog! Enjoy the oncoming weather from Alberta! he he
    I am looking at getting a Racekap after I upgrade the seat in my Mango first; That willbe over a grand in the next year! I hope to sell a few ICE Trikes to pay for them and a few groceries too this season. Have a great week!

  5. Hi Larry,
    The snow you sent arrived this morning. Thanks. :) The helmet is a small size with thin pads. A medium fits but with the thick pads installed. I am lucky my head has not swollen too much from passing DF's.