Saturday, February 9, 2013

More Winter Fun with My Quest!

More Winter Fun with My Quest!

Winnipeg Winter Cyclists Gathering.
Part of the group gathering to ride.

Last Saturday was a special day for winter cyclists in Winnipeg. It warmed up to about -24 C.  A couple hundred of us gathered near the center of the city. We gathered near the forks of two rivers that meet there. The special day was to celebrate a local cyclist Linsay Gauld. The occasion was to celebrate his One Millionth  KM.  We met him a few km west of the forks and rode with him leading the group. I rode on the ice trail but most cyclists with the fat bike tires rode on the snow with him. We had a ceremony to celebrate his One Millionth km. and presented him with a plaque. He started riding and recording his mileage back in 1965.  In 1972 he was part of the Canadian Olympic Cycling Team. He was owner of Olympic Cycle up to his retirement a few years ago. Since he sold the bike shop, he worked part time as a bike courier and continues to race. The link to a video shows us riding with him on the river and interviews him for television. Lindsay is 64 years old.

              After-wards I had coffee near by with some of the recumbent riders. We then went for a ride on the 10 km of ice trails that run from one river to the other. It was lots of fun riding along around the surprised skaters. The bell came in very handy.  More coffee and some hot food followed before the trip home.

I took the Quest to work Monday and it warmed up some more. I received an email  from Ray at Blue Velo about a possible defective part on my Quest XS. I left at home and Took it apart Tuesday night to find out I have the bad part on mine. It's a bracket for the rear swing arm. I sent off the pictures of it to Ray at Blue Velo and the new part is now on order. I put it back together and got to take it to work on Friday. It's much warmer now but we got more snow while I had the Quest apart. (5 cm. only) Next week we have our Winter Bike to Work Day on Friday. Something else to report on then...
Defective rear swing arm bracket.


  1. Hello Kevin,
    Mine is already replaced by
    The new one is placed simply against the old one.
    Make sure that the rear swing arm is between the old and the new part.
    Was there also an instruction with the email, telling you how long it has to dry and at what temperature before you use the bike?
    Good luck.
    Wim XS45

    1. Hello Wim
      I have the instructions with great photos but I am waiting for the part to arrive in the mail. I have a good friend who makes aircraft parts for Boeing who will help me. I also have a heated shop with great lighting that the Quest lives in. It should be not too hard. The time to do with out it will be hard but better to wait and let it cure properly. I'll post some pictures on the blog when I get to do it.

  2. Hi Kevin,

    I enjoyed the video, it's a special sight those fat bike tyres, first time I watched biking with these!
    Amazing that so many people cycle outdoors on their 2-wheelers in the tempratures you have there. Here in Norway I am almost the only one who comes out in this time of the year.

    Greetings, Adri.

    1. Hi Adri.
      Winter in this part of Canada is too long to stay indoors. Cycling, skiing, dog sledding, ice fishing and shaking are just some of the activities that people do here. The largest and the most active group in the province are the snowmobilers.
      Greeting from the center of Canada