Saturday, July 6, 2013

Recovery Week

Recovery Week,
After a couple of weeks of long days of work  I got a recovery weekend. We took the Huskies and packed up the camper and went camping. July 1st is Canada Day. It falls on a Monday this year so we had a 3 day weekend of rest. No Quest, No bike riding , just rest.
Camping with the Huskies.

The picture caption says "Camping with the Huskies". The picture only shows two dogs. The smart female was inside lying under the air conditioner. It was about 30 Celsius when I took this picture. Being Canada Day we had our flag taped to the front of our 34 year old camper.  I can not remember such a quiet weekend for me. Lots of rest, good food and lots of dog walking.
           The rest did me some good. My average speed for my daily commutes is up and my legs feel stronger. The poor Quest sat at home in the shop all by itself. Actually it only spends time outside when I'm riding. At work it hides under cover in my locker area surrounded by buses.

Safely parked indoors at work.    
6 am in the Bus Garage.
The Camping weekend was good but coming home was not so good. Our 12 year old hot water tank sprang a leak while we were away. We came home to no hot water and some very wet carpet in our basement. It's a good thing we had the camper to shower in the next morning. My week involved putting in a new gas hot water  tank and lots of carpet cleaning.  It's just hard sometimes to balance rest, training and work. Not so much FUN to write about this week but the 600 km Brevet is coming up soon and I think I will be up to the challenge...

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  1. Hi Kevin,

    We also came home after a long camperweekend, ours was 5 days, and luckywise we didn't find trouble coming home. It's a pity coming home and find a mess, but that's life I guess......
    Good Luck on Your 600!!!!!!!!!!!

    Greetings, Adri.