Thursday, June 27, 2013

Life and Work has been Busy

Our Provincial Bird - The Mosquito. 

Life and Work has been Busy.
I have not had much free time lately. I have been working two shifts at work filling in for my afternoon counterpart who is on holidays. On top of that we have had a lot of moisture lately. With the moisture comes the hatching of our provincial bird -  the Mosquito. Thankfully the carbon fiber body of my Quest gives me some protection from being bitten by these Mosquitoes.
               My FUN for the week was completing my 400 km Brevet. We were down to just five riders for this Brevet. Three DF’s, one recumbent and one Quest. One of the riders was our new guy. We stuck together for the entire ride and I found the pace very easy.  I made the extra effort to charge up the few hills we encountered. On this Brevet we crossed the US border and went to Roseau Minn.for lunch. We got to the border and showed our passports. The border agent checked the passports in their computer and sent us on our way. I was last in line when he told me to wait. He had an ear piece in his ear and someone was talking to him from inside the station. A moment later a female agent came out. She wanted to take a picture of the Quest for her Face Book page and ask a few questions about it. I had to speed up a bit to catch the group. Crossing back into Canada was just as good after lunch. We crossed back into Canada at a border stop called Piney. At this point I could have easily speed up to my normal cruising speed and have got home a couple hours sooner, but I stayed with the group. I think I enjoy the social aspect of doing the Brevet as well as the physical and mental challenge. I feel great when I say I did 400 km on a bike in just one day. 
           Even though we crossed from one country to another and back, Yellowmobile has me beat by crossing 3 states in one day. He even took some pictures, while I still have not bought a new charger for my camera. He also posted a great video as well. Take some time to check out his blog.
          I have to give the Quest the weekend off. We are packing up the motor home and dogs for a long weekend of camping.  The Quest will stay home safe in my man-cave (shop) while the other bikes will get used. Next week everything should be back to normal if I survive the Mosquitoes....


  1. Hey Kevin, Congratulations!! You're way out of my league in milage, er... kilometrage. That's quite a full day. I was checking into shortcuts for your challenge to meet you for supper during your 600km ride. Seems Amtrak is a little finicky and won't classify my Strada as carry-on. Guess I'll just have to wish you the best of luck!

  2. Hi Kevin,

    Congratulations with completing Your 400 brevet! I respect you for doing a distance like that, I never had a longer distance then 220 km daily, on a racing bike, I don't know if it's easier in a velomobile, but it stays a long way! Respect!!

    Greetings, Adri.

    1. Hi Adri,
      I have to say it's much easier on a recumbent, and it's even easier in a velomobile. Your butt does not get sore like on a racing bike. And you know all the advantages as you have De bobslee-Strada....

      Greeting from Canada

  3. Congratulations with the 400 k drive!
    i have onlly ride a 200 km brevet... my quest-partner has a broken finger... maybe next year a new attempt

    1. Hi Marcel,
      My riding partner hurt his knee when we did the first 200 and hasn't done any Brevets since. He hopes to return in August when we do our final 200 I imagine. It's a lot more fun for everyone when you can travel together.