Wednesday, March 12, 2014

More Winter Racing: With the dogs Now!

More Winter Racing: With the dogs Now!
This last weekend I had a choice of doing two things on Sunday. Either I go racing with the dogs to Kenora or go on the Polar Bear Run with the Monster Trike. Well faith decided it for me. The fuel pump quit Saturday night on the truck and the Monster trike  won't fit in the Toyota like the Dog sled does.
     So Sunday morning I loaded up the Dog sled in the Toyota and took 2 dogs for the ride. No room for the wife so she stayed home to paint.  We traveled two hours east to the town of Kenora located on Lake of the Woods. The race was held at the local ski hill     Mt Evergreen  on their cross country ski trails.
Perfect weather for the race on a perfect trail. The trail was only 4 km long but it had lots of curves, uphills and great down hills with tight corners. There were more than a few curves where the sled was touching the bushes or trees as I went by. We had the third fastest time of the day and we were first in our class.
We made the front page of the local paper.
I made a video of the run and left in the natural sound. I didn't realize how much I talked to the dogs until I heard my self on it. This is the first edit and I cut it down quite a bit, but it could be shorter. We used a kick sled but we caught up and passed some teams on skis who left a couple of minutes ahead of us. It was a close finish, but time wise we were much faster as we left 2 minutes behind the team that passed us. Here is the link to our Kenora Race video. The race was also a fund raiser for the local dog rescue. The trails were the best ones we have ever raced on and we really had lots of FUN...


  1. The creaking noise you hear in the video is the wooden sled flexing, not my old bones. And some how my tittle page ended up in the middle of the video. I will have to re-edit it again later.

  2. Hi Kevin,

    Re-edit or not, I enjoyed your video! Just wat I thought, the cracking sounds were the sled. Correct me if I'm wrong, but as I see it the little redhaired dog is the pack leader? This one looks the fastest of the two, anyway it was fun to watch, and nice weather! Congratulations with the first place in your class and the third fastest time!
    Well done!

    Greetings, Adri.

  3. Hi Ardi,
    The video does give you a view of what it is like to ride the sled. My faster dog is Katie and she loves to run. The darker Husky is Belle and she is only about a year old. Belle is just learning, but loves to get out and run with the sled.
    Greeting from snowy Canada