Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Power of Social Media!

The Power of Social Media!
       Not much to blog about, and even less time to do it! Two events in social media to write about. The first was news on facebook about the police sending a bylaw amendment to city council. The amendment was to require groups of 10 of more cyclists to take out a parade permit. This was to allow cyclists to have parades as they were left out of past parades because of the wording of the old bylaw. This wording was worse as it would effect club or group rides as well as parades. The protest spread like wildfire over social media. By the next morning city council had taken to social media to say they were rejecting the amendment and sending it to review for proper wording. It was a quick victory for cyclists.
          The second was strange. I had several emails and facebook messages that the CBC radio was looking for me. It was mentioned on live radio and on their Facebook page. It almost reads like a UFO sighting.

CBC Radio Facebook page  
CBC Manitoba Information Radio
Bright yellow, looks like a bobsled, driver wears goggles, spotted on Winnipeg streets. Does anyone know what the story behind this vehicle is? Our traffic guy is enamoured...
I left a comment, so I will follow this up in my next blog.


  1. Ah, now you know how I feel! Just be careful they don't whisk you away to some secret lab for a few "routine tests." Not pleasant. Don't ask me how I know...

  2. I just checked the CBC face book page and some people are reporting sightings. "I seen him at west Hawk Lake"