Monday, December 8, 2014

Still alive!

Still alive!
Wow life has been busy this year. Too much work and not enough play. I have not been riding as much as I would like, but time is sure flying by lately. I spend much time reading other people's blogs but have not written a blog for a while.

 This year I have done the complete Brevet series with the Manitoba Randonneurs and that was quite FUN. It was a lot of great rides with a lot of great people. I have a few medals to show for it, but I have a lot more great memory's  that mean even more to me. Life is too short so let's all have FUN...


  1. I see you also run brevets in your velomobile. A good way to long rides, lots of experiences and meet a lot of people.
    Is it your idea to go to Paris-Brest-Paris?
    Greetings from Denmark
    Soren (Velostrada)

  2. Hi Kevin,

    Long time between your blogs indeed!
    But better late then never........Obviously you did more cycling then blogging, way to go! Most important is that you had FUN........

    Greetings, Adri.

  3. Hi Kevin,

    Good to hear from you! I was sure you would come back again. I was impressed with your brevets series.
    I guess you have time to blog now since your quest is completely snowed in.

    Greetings, Wilco